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Hi  please click on these links they are for more info, about what we do,  take a look !

gccf logo

W e are members of the GCCF  which is an organization for registered cat breeders if you want to check out your nearest show you find it here click on the link , you might see us there !

coz we care

W e are now proud to say we are

also members of the

Gccf Breeders Scheme.

We have been

inspected / assessed

and  are pleased to say

we passed YIPEE .

the best football team in the land

Our favourite football club

our place

I have a facebook Group,i have created 4.5k Members ,there is some intreresting   info and facts on here, all about  british shorthair cats and kittens

Please join here you are Welcome !

Please scan this QR Code with your mobile

devise if you would like to create a quick and easy 

link to our  facebook community!


We have another facebook site which is more specifically about us , you will find it here if you click on the link

nature is heaven
scotish wild cat

We are very committed to the preservation

and protection of birds and wildlife spaces for  now and  for the future

The RSPB is a charity with more than one million members. Young and old, urban and rural, from every corner of the UK, RSPB members volunteer thousands of hours working directly for birds and wildlife, and are the charity's biggest source of income. They do a fantastic job.

We are also supporters of the very rare Scottish Wild Cat , there is less than 35 alive in the wild and they are in danger of extinction.

A project called Wild cat haven has been set up by filmmaker steve piper to save them PLEASE VISIT THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE ! 

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